Beetronics 'The OverHive'

Beetronics 'The OverHive'


Sweeten up your tone with The OverHive, a warm medium gain overdrive from Beetronics, the newest addition to their pun-laden lineup. All jokes aside, this pedal is overdrive done correctly- totally nailing the much sought after second-stage drive tone. With a clean amp, the OverHive is awesome for fattening up chords and giving you a nice creamy dreamy drive. Put it before a dirty amp to add gorgeous harmonic complexity and sweet singing saturation for your leads and solos. 

Use the 'Body' switch to switch to add low end and the 'Hive' switch to loosen or tighten up the gain structure. Calling this pedal versatile doesn't really begin to cover what this pedal can really do...

 Use the switches and controls ( Tone, Honey i.e. gain, Volume) to beautifully match any guitar to any amp. Check out the demo video below to hear for yourself!


  • Standard 9v DC center-negative jack , draws about 19 mA
  • Enclosure: 5.5" x 3.25" x 2" 
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