Chuck Pedals Diver

Chuck Pedals Diver


The Diver by Chuck Pedals is a heavily modded rendition of a vintage muff circuit, the Green Russian Big Muff Pi "Bubble Font". 

The original GRBMP "BF", despite being loved throughout the fuzzhead community, was notorious for obliterating your tone in a live mix rendering your playing as white noise. Enter, the Diver. 

By adding unique features such as upgraded transistors for increased cut in a mix and a mid-scoop control for more tonal flexibility, Chuck Pedals has taken this classic fuzz circuit and optimized it for live performances. You can get that heavy liquid Muff style fuzz without the tone loss. 

CP has also added three different "Creature" modes (the crab, the jellyfish, and the sea urchin)  that are accessed via the toggle switch. Each mode has a different character and bass response, great for matching up guitars to amps. 

Shnobel Tone has a most excellent demo of The Diver. Check it out below! 


  • Standard 9v DC center-negative jack for power 
  • True bypass
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