Chuck Pedals Lazy Eye

Chuck Pedals Lazy Eye


This is probably the coolest booster/overdrive you will see today. With only one knob that controls the amount of boost, the Lazy Eye from Chuck Pedals can be used for various tone enhancing functions: set the boost control low to restore clarity to your playing; or keep creeping that extra-large knob up for a volume boost that will eventually send your amp into a thunderous overdrive crunch.

Use it as your "always on" type pedal to maintain note definition and attack at lower volumes. Or, it works particularly well at slamming your other overdrive pedals for extra lush saturation and a volume jump for solos. 

Also, it has a wicked paint job.


  • Standard 9v DC center-negative jack for power 
  • Low noise MOSFET based circuit
  • True bypass
  • Compact size
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