Chuck Pedals Tachyon

Chuck Pedals Tachyon


The laws of physics dictate that your tone is intimately interwoven with time as a four dimensional continuum- you know, the tone-time continuum?

Okay, all jokes aside, the Tachyon from Chuck Pedals is an analog-voiced delay that gives you around 480 ms max delay time. With that much time on your hands and four controls (Repeats, Mix, Flux, and Time)  you can easily go from a Memphis slapback to a nice rhythmic pulse; or max it out to get some truly bizarre echoes. 

The Flux knob acts as sort of a "tone" control that can reshape the repeats- go from dark DM-2 type repeats to bright warbly tape echo-like repeats. 

If you're disillusioned by overly complicated delay pedals with 900 presets that you'll never use, the Tachyon delay is a useful, highly musical option. 


  • Standard 9v DC center-negative jack for power 
  • True bypass




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