Lollygagger FX Canaglia Overdrive

Lollygagger FX Canaglia Overdrive


Yep, it's made out of wood...To call the Canaglia unique would be an understatement. It is a true gain shaping device that allows you to enhance the natural characteristics of your amp without changing your overall amp tone. 

Use the Canaglia to slightly boost your amp into organic overdrive heaven or to bring your amp to the verge of self implosion. Yes... there is that much gain on tap. The bypass foot switch allows you to bring the gain knob in and out of the circuit, essentially giving you two very different overdrives in one pedal. 

 Hand-wired using point to point soldering and housed in an all maple enclosure, the Canaglia looks just as good as it sounds. 


  • Standard 9v DC center-negative jack for power 
  • Enclosure solid maple 
  • True Bypass
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