M.D. Effects Compactor

M.D. Effects Compactor


The M.D. Effects Compactor is a compressor for players looking to achieve studio-grade compression in a compact, affordable pedal. Add depth, clarity, and sustain to your playing for an overall more sophisticated sonic experience. Legendary, indeed. 

Most players have two chief complaints with compressor pedals: the obliteration of dynamic playing and the loss of punch to your tone. Thankfully, the clever folks at M.D. Effects have overcome both of these issues. First off, with a four-knob design (Volume, Comp, Ratio, EQ) you have infinite control over your dynamics and can easily go from subtle compression to a deep squishy spank. Secondly, use the Bright toggle switch to add back any loss of punch. Problem(s) solved.  

Polish and refine your tone with the Compactor. Check out the demo video below to hear for yourself!


  • Standard 9v DC center-negative jack for power 
  • studio-grade compression in compact pedal 


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