M.D. Effects Moondust Reverb

M.D. Effects Moondust Reverb


Weightless and free, your tone can now explore the open lunar landscape and the vast expanse of the cosmos with the new Moondust reverb from M.D. Effects. 

The Moondust is a shimmery spring-style reverb with four controls (Mix, Expanse, Reflection, and Brilliance) which allow you to sculpt a heavenly three-dimensional sonic space:

Mix: Controls the reverb mix.

Expanse: Controls the density of the reverb. Adds some heaviness to the reverb.

Reflection: Controls how much the reverb reflects into itself. Adds more color, and more reverb time, and can begin to oscillate.

Brilliance: Controls the brightness of the pedals tone. Can be used to add darkness or make it more brilliant.

For those brave enough to go where no man has gone before... dime all of the controls for the ultimate washout.

Check out the demo video of the Moondust reverb below! 


  • Standard 9v DC center-negative jack for power 
  • Stereo inputs/outputs 
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