'Float Downtream' LP Pickguard by Decoboom

'Float Downtream' LP Pickguard by Decoboom

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Designed exclusively for Plektra by the amazing folks at Decoboom, the new 'Float Downstream' pickguard collection channels 1960's rock and roll and a particularly trippy Beatles tune. "Turn off your minds, relax, and float downstream." Curvaceous. 

Sold as a set with matching switch ring and truss rod cover. All pickguards are cut to exact specs with a CNC machine and have chamfered edges and countersunk screw holes.

Black/white/black designs are expertly engraved using a CNC rotary engraver. Cream/copper designs are reverse engraved and painted from behind to protect the artwork and give it a stunning three-dimensional look. 

**NOTE: Cream/Copper set is sold with black/white/black truss rod cover. 



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